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Buyback Information

SELL YOUR BOOKS! If we need 'em, we'll buy 'em!

December 11-13 & December 17-18, 2018

  • Selling books operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Some books have limited quantities that are being purchased. If your books came as part of a set make sure to bring back all of the items originally wrapped with your book.
  • Excessively damaged books (torn or missing cover, missing pages, water damage, etc.) will not be purchased for the store.
  • If the book has been ordered by an instructor and our inventory on hand has not been met we will pay average market value for that book.
  • If there is no current need for the book in the Raiders Store, a wholesale price may be offered. You do not have to accept the price offered and may decide to keep your book or give it to someone who could use it.